Heavy Duty Industries understands the challenges companies face every day. That is why we develop, engineer and produce mining equipment, metal components and solve mechanical challenges.

Mining equipment

We offer a broad variety of products suitable for mining. For instance, we can supply heavy construction and mining machinery such as dump trucks, dozers, draglines and excavators. In combination with this, we supply various tools or equipment that contribute to a successful mining project. In addition, we support and advise our customers in improving their mining projects by offering various services. Please contact us for the details of the services we can offer.

Metal components

Heavy Duty Industries specializes in casting and forging of mining and metal industry components. As one of the leading suppliers, we produce tailor-made components for machinery and equipment in the mining and metal industry, enabling them to produce ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

At Heavy Duty Industries we understand the needs of the metal manufacturing process and specific needs of our clients. Active on six continents we are able to offer high-quality products and solutions with the guarantee of low cost sourcing. We combine our knowledge and experience to produce the beast mining wear.


Our Mechatronics division aims to engineer so that the principles of mechanics, electronics and computing unite to generate a simpler, more economical, reliable and safer system.

For instance, Heavy Duty Industries™ is the official developer and distributor of the Feverdetect™. A product with integrated smart camera fever detection technology that can detect increased body temperatures that may indicate fever or the Covid-19 virus.

Our fever detection solutions are a vital tool in the detection of elevated body temperatures in high-risk groups such as miners, metal factory workers and office workers in all industries.

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