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Our quality system has a fully traceable documentation record

Heavy Duty Industries ™ delivers for each order and registers for each batch its own material certificate. Within our centrally stored archive, we store, in consultation with the customer, which «samples» must be kept and for how long.

Thanks to our collaboration with independent leading test centres in Europe, we are able to extract almost any non-destructive, mechanical and chemical analysis for you.

  • Aerospace certified test centers
  • Independant laboratories
  • Mechanical & chemical
  • Destructive and non-destructive

In consultation with us, we can deliver 3.1 certificates for each delivery, which means the quality of shipment will be guaranteed by an independent testing institute.

Our quality system has a fully traceable documentation record, so that now and in every future it can be determined how the production took place, from which material and on which machine.

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