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One day delivery time

Heavy Duty Industries™ has excellent capabilities to store and manage small and large stocks for our customers. In practice, this means that there will always be a buffer stock in line with your consumption so that immediate availability can be guaranteed.

  • Buffer stock
  • Auto replenishment
  • 100% Availability
  • 100% Quality

Our software makes it possible for our customers to monitor their stock position at any time 24/7 anywhere in the world. By means of different stock position contracts we can agree together in the way you want to work together.

If desired, we can discuss not only the stock keeping of the products but also the financing of the stock so that your working capital can be reduced and your «total cost of ownership» can be optimized.

  • Reduce stock
  • Increase availibility
  • Optimize total cost of ownership
  • Improve productivity

We have our own secure and insured stock centers and have close collaborations with only certified distribution and carrier centers.

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